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Making careers of air signs


The peoples with air signs are mostly thinkers, that’s why there are very fewer peoples with air signs who are associated with some creative or emotional jobs. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius come under the air sign. If you are one of them then I would recommend you to select a field for your career where there is a requirement of a rational mind. Your success is hugely associated with the use of reason and deduction. Your mind is so quick. That’s why one of the main obstacles you are going to face in your life is to stay focused. You like to communicate with different peoples and to share ideas with them. Due to this quality of you, you will be able to establish a strong social network. You have diversity in interests but tend to quickly lose interests in things. You love to travel and seek freedom.

Let’s discuss the Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius in particular.

Communicating with different peoples and engaging them with you is the forte of you. This quality can reach you to the heights of your career. The ability to talk about a wide range of topics attracts the peoples towards you. The modern communication gadgets are also the tools which you are fond of. Your charisma and persona will benefit you in many stages of your life. Peoples around you will also help you to achieve your goal that is the effect of your engaging communicative skills. Just don’t get distracted from your values and don’t try to use the peoples around you. You are like a chameleon who can switch in accordance with any kind of condition. A job, where you have to perform multiple tasks will be appropriate for you. Jobs in the fields of journalism, travel networking, sales etc. will be appropriate for you.

You are fond of the combination of balance and beauty. You need a pleasing environment to work in. Venus is the planed which rule you. Colleagues who are cooperative by nature and surrounding which has peace are what you seek. Sometimes you could be confused between the two options of jobs. Stay away from earning a fickle nature as it will act as a barrier for you to earn money. Your charming personality is going to be the weapon of yours to achieve your career goals. You will go with anyone else’s idea, even if you disagreed with it in the first place just because you want to be in the good books of everyone. This is what you have to work on and follow your own heart. Fashion designing, interior designing or anything judiciary will be appropriate for you.

You are hugely attracted to technology. That’s why they call it the age of Aquarius. You have a unique thinking nature. You perform today’s action on the basis that what results would it bear in the future. Your search for new things every day and routine related work is not made for you. You are very good at planning the future but will have problems with the commitments to achieve it. Your humanitarian nature is your asset and will make you touch the heights. Because of the nature of exploring new things, it will be difficult for you to stay in one place and you will switch many jobs to find the best for you. Applied science, telecommunication or any technology-oriented job will be appropriate for you.



We all know that there is a space within us which is termed as aura .we should fill it with positivity and keep it away from the eyes of negative thoughts. we have to build boundaries for it and allows only certain things into it. Things which are cherishing and makes us feel good.

People are very demanding nowadays. They always want something from us. We are getting irritated because of them. They are soaking all our positivity making us completely empty and we have to face these peoples throughout the life.

We have to build boundaries to keep our aura safe. So that no one can break it to completely drain us and steal everything from us. We can make boundaries of word no. No can be very powerful to stop any kind of unwanted happenings in our life. We can also build boundaries of sorry, I don’t care, never etc. In this way, we can take a step forward to safe zone our aura.

We can easily protect our aura by not paying attention to the negative peoples . In fact our attention should move toward ourselves . We should give time to ourselves . We should go somewhere and explore something new to find the real us . Watching the sunrise or just imagining the flow of air can make us happy and can keep us away from those ugly energies which other people want to shoot us with. Smiling on the face of negativities can also boost your confidence and simultaneously will eliminate their creepy thoughts to save our aura.

Moral Responsibility of a Psychic

Woman with third eye, psychic supernatural senses


When we hear the word psychic, minds take you to the world of tremendous opportunity and possibilities.With all the immense possibilities there come the big responsibilities. As being a psychic there are so many that could be seen or predicted, though all the theories may not have there scientific proof but the fact remain same that people are there who believe in spirituality and psychic abilities. You will find a lot of information on the subject on jannikeermedial.com
Those who are psychic can read the sitters thought and can get emotionally attached to an extend that even past and present can be seen or predicted. But before telling the past or present of the sitter, psychic reader should try to figure out the reaction and the effect that will happen on the sitter.
As psychic, there is a big responsibility on the psychic and his prediction. Psychic may have seen something tragic from the past of the sitter which sitter may not want to go through again can also come up with something from the future which may make sitter think of losing hope. All this analysis should be done before saying even a single word to the sitter. As at time these words creates a big difference in the life of sitter.
This is the responsibility of the psychic to be honest and should have strong moral principles so that psychic can give hope to the sitter for more beautiful and positive life. Psychic is not only responsible for telling the truth but he is also responsible for telling it wisely, keeping all the possible effects of those truth on sitter. Psychic should always try to tell the sitter only things which are true and could possibly bring happiness in life. Anything which not so good should be presented in such a way that sitter can make himself prepared for those unlikely event and can stand without getting affected. Psychic reading is an art and will need time and practice to clearly understand it principles and the way to tell those readings in the right direction and methods.

What Happens During a Genuine Psychic Reading



Have you thought about getting a psychic reading, but are unsure about it? If so, then it may help you to familiarize yourself with what happens during a psychic reading. This can help you to find out what to expect from a reading and will be a benefit to you.

What a Psychic Reading Is Not

The first thing you have to understand about psychic readings is that they are not a substitute for medical care, legal advice or a way to get information about others. If you go into a psychic reading expecting things like that, then you will be greatly disappointed. A psychic reading is supposed to serve as advice or guidance. A psychic cannot tell you what to do or say things like the winning lotto numbers.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a psychic is just a regular person like you. There is no need to be afraid. Many people get worried that a psychic will place some spell or hex on them. This is not true. Being psychic has nothing to do with spells and hexes. The psychic is there to help you through the providing of guidance, not hurt you.

Starting a Reading

To start off your psychic reading, the psychic will try to help you relax. They may use soothing, soft music, candles or incense to set a very relaxed mode. The psychic will then “tune into” your energy. Psychic readings work using the energy that surrounds your body. When the psychic tunes into your energy he or she can then start to give you information. Your psychic may want to touch your hand, but many do not need any physical contact at all. Some psychics may use tools to aid them with their reading. Standard tools are tarot cards, runes, and crystal balls.

What Information to Expect

The information you get from a psychic reading varies greatly. You may come in with a question in mind or want to know about a particular situation. The psychic will try to give you the information you need, but you have to understand that they cannot control what information they receive. They can only tell you what is being shown or given to them.

haunted place by spirits


Some psychics are also mediums or clairvoyants. A medium can talk with the dead. You may be able to get information and messages from loved ones who have passed. However, not all psychics are mediums, so if this is something that interests you, then you should look for a psychic medium.

An authentic psychic will simply talk to you and tell you what information they are receiving. Many people believe what they see in the movies and on television and think that the table will shake, and the psychic will start talking in a trance-like state. The reality is that a psychic will just speak to you, like any other person, and no odd things will happen.


Getting a psychic reading can be a very fun experience. You have the opportunity to learn quite a bit about yourself, your past, your present and your future. You can expect it to be an incredible learning experience. You may feel enlightened afterward or only feel more relaxed. If you believe in psychic powers then getting a psychic reading is a rewarding experience and nothing to be afraid of.


Source: Alternativ Center

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What Is Clairvoyant Reading?


screenshot_1519The term ‘clairvoyance’ has its roots in the two words of ‘Clair’ and ‘Voyage’ meaning clear viewing. Thus, a person having an extra sensory perception and possessing a unique ability to see and perceive things which are otherwise hidden from the normal senses or happening far away are known as clairvoyants.

The term ‘clairvoyance’ means ‘clear’ ‘voyage’ or ‘clear’ ‘viewing.’ Such clairvoyant reading leads to the perceiving another individual’s past events of life, aspects of his personality or foresees future incidents to come.

Clairvoyance as a psychic power is thus, the ability to ‘see’ clearly as against clairaudience or clairsentience which means hearing or knowing about hidden information in the environment. A clairvoyant can, therefore, do things such as see objects in a sealed container kept in another room, see a person located in another part of the world or even see events which have occurred the past or will happen in future.

Prevalent in the ancient age, clairvoyant reading has been known to be of much interest to people since it has the inherent ability to foresee and comment about someone’s future. Since next prediction is something that men have always been interested in, clairvoyant reading has been sought for since then till today’s World Wide Web era. If you take some time out and surf the internet, you will come across hundreds of websites claiming to provide the accurate clairvoyant reading of your future. In most cases, online clairvoyant reading is done through the tarot cards.

How clairvoyance works

In the case of clairvoyant reading through tarot cards, the pattern of selection or arrangement of these two deck of cards goes on to predict the future of the person in question. While the Major Arcana deck is about big life changing events, the minor arcana reads details about emotions, mind, body and spirit in the immediate future of the individual.

Though online clairvoyant reading through tarot cards are quite popular and something which people most commonly go towards, it must be said that original clairvoyant reading consists of actual visualization from an individual and not the interpretation of any cards, or for that matter any mathematical calculation such as in numerology, or planetary projections like in astrology, etc.

Thus, in the case of real clairvoyant reading, the clairvoyant perceives the energy field or the aura emanating from the other person and sees his/her past life, all kinds of personality aspects and future events of life. If you come across a real clairvoyant, it will be the first step towards a lifelong and strong bond of friendship since the clairvoyant will know much more about you than anybody else, in fact even more than you. Apart from just reading out your future, the clairvoyant would act like a friend foreseeing and advise on the future incidents of your life and guide you during times of crisis. There are lots of mediums to choose from so make sure you try out a few ones until you find a good psychic.

The existence of clairvoyant reading can be traced from the days of ancient shamanic beliefs, through the cold war times till today but this journey has been hindered by the skepticism that this mental activity faces. Like many others, clairvoyant reading has also been marred by the claims of it being the work of fraudsters or being a product of complete guesswork.