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Moral Responsibility of a Psychic

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When we hear the word psychic, minds take you to the world of tremendous opportunity and possibilities.With all the immense possibilities there come the big responsibilities. As being a psychic there are so many that could be seen or predicted, though all the theories may not have there scientific proof but the fact remain same that people are there who believe in spirituality and psychic abilities. You will find a lot of information on the subject onĀ jannikeermedial.com
Those who are psychic can read the sitters thought and can get emotionally attached to an extend that even past and present can be seen or predicted. But before telling the past or present of the sitter, psychic reader should try to figure out the reaction and the effect that will happen on the sitter.
As psychic, there is a big responsibility on the psychic and his prediction. Psychic may have seen something tragic from the past of the sitter which sitter may not want to go through again can also come up with something from the future which may make sitter think of losing hope. All this analysis should be done before saying even a single word to the sitter. As at time these words creates a big difference in the life of sitter.
This is the responsibility of the psychic to be honest and should have strong moral principles so that psychic can give hope to the sitter for more beautiful and positive life. Psychic is not only responsible for telling the truth but he is also responsible for telling it wisely, keeping all the possible effects of those truth on sitter. Psychic should always try to tell the sitter only things which are true and could possibly bring happiness in life. Anything which not so good should be presented in such a way that sitter can make himself prepared for those unlikely event and can stand without getting affected. Psychic reading is an art and will need time and practice to clearly understand it principles and the way to tell those readings in the right direction and methods.

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