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We all know that there is a space within us which is termed as aura .we should fill it with positivity and keep it away from the eyes of negative thoughts. we have to build boundaries for it and allows only certain things into it. Things which are cherishing and makes us feel good.

People are very demanding nowadays. They always want something from us. We are getting irritated because of them. They are soaking all our positivity making us completely empty and we have to face these peoples throughout the life.

We have to build boundaries to keep our aura safe. So that no one can break it to completely drain us and steal everything from us. We can make boundaries of word no. No can be very powerful to stop any kind of unwanted happenings in our life. We can also build boundaries of sorry, I don’t care, never etc. In this way, we can take a step forward to safe zone our aura.

We can easily protect our aura by not paying attention to the negative peoples . In fact our attention should move toward ourselves . We should give time to ourselves . We should go somewhere and explore something new to find the real us . Watching the sunrise or just imagining the flow of air can make us happy and can keep us away from those ugly energies which other people want to shoot us with. Smiling on the face of negativities can also boost your confidence and simultaneously will eliminate their creepy thoughts to save our aura.

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