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What Happens During a Genuine Psychic Reading



Have you thought about getting a psychic reading, but are unsure about it? If so, then it may help you to familiarize yourself with what happens during a psychic reading. This can help you to find out what to expect from a reading and will be a benefit to you.

What a Psychic Reading Is Not

The first thing you have to understand about psychic readings is that they are not a substitute for medical care, legal advice or a way to get information about others. If you go into a psychic reading expecting things like that, then you will be greatly disappointed. A psychic reading is supposed to serve as advice or guidance. A psychic cannot tell you what to do or say things like the winning lotto numbers.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a psychic is just a regular person like you. There is no need to be afraid. Many people get worried that a psychic will place some spell or hex on them. This is not true. Being psychic has nothing to do with spells and hexes. The psychic is there to help you through the providing of guidance, not hurt you.

Starting a Reading

To start off your psychic reading, the psychic will try to help you relax. They may use soothing, soft music, candles or incense to set a very relaxed mode. The psychic will then “tune into” your energy. Psychic readings work using the energy that surrounds your body. When the psychic tunes into your energy he or she can then start to give you information. Your psychic may want to touch your hand, but many do not need any physical contact at all. Some psychics may use tools to aid them with their reading. Standard tools are tarot cards, runes, and crystal balls.

What Information to Expect

The information you get from a psychic reading varies greatly. You may come in with a question in mind or want to know about a particular situation. The psychic will try to give you the information you need, but you have to understand that they cannot control what information they receive. They can only tell you what is being shown or given to them.

haunted place by spirits


Some psychics are also mediums or clairvoyants. A medium can talk with the dead. You may be able to get information and messages from loved ones who have passed. However, not all psychics are mediums, so if this is something that interests you, then you should look for a psychic medium.

An authentic psychic will simply talk to you and tell you what information they are receiving. Many people believe what they see in the movies and on television and think that the table will shake, and the psychic will start talking in a trance-like state. The reality is that a psychic will just speak to you, like any other person, and no odd things will happen.


Getting a psychic reading can be a very fun experience. You have the opportunity to learn quite a bit about yourself, your past, your present and your future. You can expect it to be an incredible learning experience. You may feel enlightened afterward or only feel more relaxed. If you believe in psychic powers then getting a psychic reading is a rewarding experience and nothing to be afraid of.


Source: Alternativ Center

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