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What Is Clairvoyant Reading?


screenshot_1519The term ‘clairvoyance’ has its roots in the two words of ‘Clair’ and ‘Voyage’ meaning clear viewing. Thus, a person having an extra sensory perception and possessing a unique ability to see and perceive things which are otherwise hidden from the normal senses or happening far away are known as clairvoyants.

The term ‘clairvoyance’ means ‘clear’ ‘voyage’ or ‘clear’ ‘viewing.’ Such clairvoyant reading leads to the perceiving another individual’s past events of life, aspects of his personality or foresees future incidents to come.

Clairvoyance as a psychic power is thus, the ability to ‘see’ clearly as against clairaudience or clairsentience which means hearing or knowing about hidden information in the environment. A clairvoyant can, therefore, do things such as see objects in a sealed container kept in another room, see a person located in another part of the world or even see events which have occurred the past or will happen in future.

Prevalent in the ancient age, clairvoyant reading has been known to be of much interest to people since it has the inherent ability to foresee and comment about someone’s future. Since next prediction is something that men have always been interested in, clairvoyant reading has been sought for since then till today’s World Wide Web era. If you take some time out and surf the internet, you will come across hundreds of websites claiming to provide the accurate clairvoyant reading of your future. In most cases, online clairvoyant reading is done through the tarot cards.

How clairvoyance works

In the case of clairvoyant reading through tarot cards, the pattern of selection or arrangement of these two deck of cards goes on to predict the future of the person in question. While the Major Arcana deck is about big life changing events, the minor arcana reads details about emotions, mind, body and spirit in the immediate future of the individual.

Though online clairvoyant reading through tarot cards are quite popular and something which people most commonly go towards, it must be said that original clairvoyant reading consists of actual visualization from an individual and not the interpretation of any cards, or for that matter any mathematical calculation such as in numerology, or planetary projections like in astrology, etc.

Thus, in the case of real clairvoyant reading, the clairvoyant perceives the energy field or the aura emanating from the other person and sees his/her past life, all kinds of personality aspects and future events of life. If you come across a real clairvoyant, it will be the first step towards a lifelong and strong bond of friendship since the clairvoyant will know much more about you than anybody else, in fact even more than you. Apart from just reading out your future, the clairvoyant would act like a friend foreseeing and advise on the future incidents of your life and guide you during times of crisis. There are lots of mediums to choose from so make sure you try out a few ones until you find a good psychic.

The existence of clairvoyant reading can be traced from the days of ancient shamanic beliefs, through the cold war times till today but this journey has been hindered by the skepticism that this mental activity faces. Like many others, clairvoyant reading has also been marred by the claims of it being the work of fraudsters or being a product of complete guesswork.



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